Full English

I hadn't had much time with my other half Alex lately, but she managed to wangle tickets to her friend Natalie's first play and enough babysitter time that we could have our first meal out in months…

Natalie Davies in "Full English"

"FULL ENGLISH tells the story of the women of Canterbury Estate – white British girls from the 1960’s who married Pakistani men and brought up mixed race children. Driven out by their families and shunned by their husband’s community, where did they belong?

Told through the eyes of Bradford actor, Natalie Davies, FULL ENGLISH explores the story of how her own grandmother overcame the odds to find her place in Bradford and the legacy of growing up mixed race.

Because, let’s face it, who is full English anyway?"

A link to Bent Architect's "Full English" promotional site.

The "Full English" cast takes a bow

"Full English" got me right in the feels… even though it wasn't my story or that of my family's - the street names, the era in which it was set all intersected with my family's journey as immigrants into Bradford.

A wonderful first show from Natalie – both delicately and hilariously performed!

Alex and I at Kala Sangam.

Plus… Alex and I got to have dinner for the first time together in nearly two months… a rushed but delicious cold platter from Baba Tooma.