Puppies and poems

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As like so many others, a puppy joined our household during the pandemic. With a puppy who wouldn’t walk very far to begin with, I started to notice more within my local neighbourhood because I had more time to look at my surroundings. On one walk I discovered a poem attached to some railings.


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This was the first poem I spotted whilst walking my dog.

Seeing these poems crop up in my local community was something that I loved seeing. Each poem really struck a chord with how I was feeling at that moment in time. Living in Manchester we have had our fair share of local lockdowns and I think this was during another period of lockdown for us, so I was missing family and friends a lot. Everyone was enjoying their summers, while we were back to staying in our homes. Reading these poems helped me to see that I wasn’t the only one having these feelings and made me feel more connected to my community as the dog walkers would point out poems that I had missed.

Walking slowly around my local streets and keeping an eye out for new poems kept me exploring when I could have followed the same route every day. I still find more poems to this day!

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