Art for mental wellbeing

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Cambridge community arts changed all their face to face art classes to zoom classes during the pandemic. While we were isolated we could still connect with our tutors and other classmates online which helped me keep my sanity.


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Here are some apples painted by me in gouache paint, framed and on my wall

Cambridge Community Arts prioritises people with disabilities during their application process and many of her clients were classed as clinically extremely vulnerable and told to self isolate.

Being disabled but able to keep in touch online with tutors and classmates was an essential way of keeping in touch with the outside world during isolation. I chose to learn art .

And creating artwork was a useful hobby for whiling away the many hours spent alone.

Also during pandemic I learned how to sell online and i am now selling my artwork at also Cathy Noble Art on Facebook

Cambridge Community Arts is now providing me with support with my selling and now I'm also on their face to face photography course...

Great organisation, great people.

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