Rediscovering Art

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I have been making art since I was little. When I was doing my art A-level I spent every weekend drawing and painting, making my house smell of oil paint to the dislike of my family. When I finished creating art as part of my education, I realised that a lot of my motivation to create was spurred on by having a larger thing to work towards like a project, a brief or something for somebody else. I rarely created just for myself.

When lockdown hit I saw it as an opportunity to use the time, with no academic stress looming over my shoulder, to get creative again and rekindle my old passions.


After A-levels, I painted the odd portrait for a family member or friend. But once I began University I found that I just didn't have the time to paint or draw and stopped.

However, after March 2020, I found that I had an incredible amount of free time on my hands. Even though I was still busy with tutoring work, as I was lucky enough to be able to continue my job through the pandemic, I was determined to make the time for creativity and not be consumed by my work.

I knew I wanted to paint and draw again but I had little inspiration being stuck in my four walls. Eventually, I came up with the idea of painting some of the albums and poster arts from my favourite music artists, as music was one of the things that kept me going through the lockdown.

I started small with a drawing and then moved my way up to an A3 painting as I wanted to explore and work with colour to brighten my day.

Now that lockdown has lifted and I have begun University studies and work again, I found myself back in that old rut - uninspired to create. But I am again determined to take from my lockdown experience to remember to spend time on my passions and do the things to make me happy instead of getting caught up in everyday work and life.

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