Shahram's Story

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My name is Shahram and I came to England three years ago. In the first year, I managed to attend a place called Play House where the English conversation class is held. In 2022, a man named Firas from Stand & Be Counted Theatre, attended the conversation class and after meeting Together, he suggested to me that he could join us to improve his English, and I was happy that he gave me such an offer, and I was counting the minutes to participate in his conversation class, then there with a lady who is very kind and energetic. We met with Hannah and here we learned many things and it was a very useful class and I am happy to participate in this conversation class and there we met many friends of different nationalities. The conversation class of Hannah and Fiars was not boring at all. different programs were held in the class and we all had fun and after the end of the course we had a party which was really really amazing and we had a lovely time together! I like it a lot. 😊

In 2023 Soap Box conversation class was held again in Leeds Central Library and we joined the conversation class again. There we experienced new friends and another varied program and we discussed a new topic every time. It is held in the center of the city to be happy and I forgot the fear of speaking here and I was able to increase my self-confidence and sometimes I was able to transfer my experiences to new friends.Attending the conversation class had a direct impact on my life and motivated me to learn more. Finally, I like this conversation class and I hope it continues. I thank Hannah and Firas for creating such a friendly atmosphere. 😊

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Shahram has been riding his bike all over Leeds since arriving here. He’s a skilled communicator and excellent at making new friends. He shares his experiences with us.